Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Correction- ABC

As you all know, LuckysinLove embraces individuality, and nothing screams that more than THINKING (which seems to be a rare art)....Raquel Carter, a great thinker in my opinion has agreed to share her thoughts with LuckysinLove. I'm always impressed with the diversity of her thoughts.....enjoy!

"In recent news a broadcaster who was summarizing the election on ABC news stated the massive amount of emails that Obama's team had produced, as well as pages on facebook, and myspace that have accumulated millions of supporters and fans. They used all of this information to surmize that Obama won directly because "more people are using the internet". Well, ABC... Im quite sure that McCain had the same opportunity to publicize his candidacy. Being a democratic network, I was surprized to hear such a statement coming from ABC. Due to the syntax and overall story, it was said with no means of harm or bias. However, you can't just allow misinformation floating around about the correlation between "internet users" to the winning of government officials in a Presidential election, thats just absurd! Would it be fair to say that McCain lost then, because he doesnt know how to use a compter? No! So why would Obama swin soley on the amount of internet users? Did McCain not have the same opportunity? The same internet users that voted last election, and with continue voting the next.

Anyhoo... those are my two cents."

Words by Raquel Carter

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