Saturday, August 23, 2008

Nixie Clothing..............."Eco Chic" for your Kids!

"A Collection catering for girls and boys aged 1-8 years. A vibrant combination of carefully selected vintage fabrics, from Silk Tops to Bohemian Lace Dresses and 1930’s Style Coats. The inspiration coming from the first opening of Spring flowers and the sweet smell of a warm summers breeze" (their words, not mine)......

"Nixie clothing is a line of high-end children's fashions that is eco-conscious. Based in the UK, the company was started with the understanding that we often dress our children in mass-produced clothing that will eventually end up in landfills; not to mention that the conditions under which the clothing was manufactured are horrible, and might have been made by children. Nixie operates on the philosophy of sweat shop free and fair trade" (props to StyleDash . I told you all that I am also looking for designers who specialize in "kiddie-wear" (I hate that term) as well, and a friend told me about Nixie, and I have to admit, the clothing is very nice. I've always felt that parents who dress their children in vintage wear, ala early 1900's - mid 1900's are fashion forward in their thinking (especially when it is eco-friendly material)....enjoy the pics below, and the link!


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