Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Brainstorming in a drought just to satisfy your thirst.....

I know many of you view the site daily and to you I apologize for my leave of absence. I'm back with things moving fast. Thanks to all of you who've anihilated me on a regular. To all the people on facebook with all the support. To all the Corporations pissing on my dream and the Corporations backing me. Shouts to all the designers, artist and musicians for all the feedback. The poets who are pushing me to get back on the grind. I've been gone for too long and I know you know there isn't na'an out there who could do it like me....I'm Baaaaaaaack for the first time, ready to Bombard the net like its my Curtain Call.....look for the sickest post on the Web starting tomorrow on www.Luckysinlove.com

Stay tuned,

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Yellow Rebel said...

glad to see you back on ur grizzly!

By the way..

Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival July 12th!

Anonymous said...

come back lucky...we need ur post