Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Aussie T.V.

So its almost 10pm om a Wednesday night and my family E and I are figure we actually see what kind of tv we can watch out here in Australia....NO BUENO....we are currently watching this low-budget, gore/ bloodbath injected movie that is supposed to be a hybrid of comedy and horror....this thing starts off with cannibals looking to kill this one dude....the blood looks just like NesQuik syrop....then it leads to the cannibals capturing homey to make soup of him....eventually some unknown dudes join the film as the eventual heroes....the movie even has a scene where the comic relief character wakes up with his brain leaking out the back of his head.....I'm gonna probably step out to shoot pool....I'll go into more detail later......

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Anonymous said...

what do ulike about it! silly :-p