Wednesday, January 23, 2008

LuckysinLove Proudly Brings You Fuerzabruta...................I wouldn't want to be out of the bubble on this one!

This is the next show on my calender. I am a huge fan of art and broadway shows, but when a show comes from Argentina, and it boasts a cast of unknowns willing to risk life and limb for your entertainment, does it get as big of a buzz?

In this case, yes. Fuerzabruta aka "Brute Force" is a show that stimulates your senses. It's an hourlong show that keeps you on your feet (you don't have a choice on that). It's as if you are a club goer who just happened to be stuck in a rave, but everything around you is moving with no one acknowledging your existence. It's trippy.......LoL.........I've posted some pics and videos for your enjoyment!

Check This Video Out...........CRAZY!!!

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