Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ladies and Fellowmen, Check out PEOPLE LIKE US For Artistic Expression Like No Other

"People Like Us is not just our name. It’s our mantra, our maxim, our motto. Our adage, our aphorism, our epigram. It’s the how, who and why we do business.

We make things for people just like us. People who know and love good design.
People who appreciate something a little unique, a little stand-out.
People who know the value of being an individual in a society overrun with mass produced, cheap and nasty we-deserve-your-business-because-we’re-bigger-than–everyone-else type products and services.

We design and produce our products for you – the People Like Us"

"People Like Us, the Australian tee company headed by Spear Collective’s very own Jeremy Somers, just released their Summer 08 line of tees and iPod protectors......Artists like Matei Apostolescu, Chuck Anderson, and Jeremy Somers himself contributed to the new designs" Trust me on this people, the full extent of expression using art is what has skyrocketed so many clothing companies and modern corporations..........Style Up, dig?

I'm gonna show ya'll the the Ipod's first:

Now To The Fashion:


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