Monday, February 23, 2009

Fashion Alert...............Dana Davis..........The Safety Dance!

You're probably looking at the subtitle to this wonderful post and asking yourself, "the safety dance?"....Has lucky finally lost his mind? No, I haven't. In fact this very essence of the new collection from Dana Davis is based on one for your feet....There are over 50 bones and lord knows how many ligaments in your feet alone, yet everyday you see women who take their shoes off to rub those "ole dogs" (yes that term applies to women as well)...What I love about this collection is not just the safety precautions which the brand has taken, but the attention to style while keeping a close eye on the safety details.

Here is an excerpt from the Dana Davis website and do remember to check out the pics below:

"Dana Davis is a revolutionary new salon collection that melds luxury styling with innovative comfort technology. Named for the company’s owner Dana Davis, the brand was inspired by her quest to find exquisite, fashion-forward shoes that would reflect the most sophisticated designer tastes and still support the health of the wearer. The Dana Davis brand is based on the belief that cutting-edge style and comfort are not mutually exclusive; the chic, design-driven silhouettes are handcrafted in Italy with a focus on luxury, high-fashion elegance and meticulous construction.

Dana has joined forces with leading foot and ankle surgeon Dr. Bob Baravarian, who has engineered each style in the collection from the inside out with strategic cushioning, customized arch supports and built-in or removable orthotics".

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