Monday, August 25, 2008

Charles Hamilton aka "The Best Blogger Alive"................Self Proclaimed Of Course!

As you all know, LuckysinLove embraces creativity, and individuals (emphasis on this word btw). We don't post anyone or anything. With that, I'm posting a lil something on one of my favorite artist in the game (NY of course).

Ohio born but NY Bred,Charles Hamilton may be the most annoying guy on Earth, because try as you may, you're not getting rid of him. Recently signed to Interscope (thats right people), He's held the Information Superhighway for Ransom since early 08 and all he'll accept as payment.....your ears! Clever wordplay, and great skills in production, Charles Hamiltons name has been linked with words like genius, innovative, sick and with notable artist in the game....Thanks to Mel for hyping me up about this him because Hip Hop/ Rap isn't the first choice in the CD player, or on the playlist...I'd love to tell you more, but I rather Mr. Hamilton finish the job...(plus I'm crossing fingers and toes, wishing for an interview, dig?)

If you don't believe me, check out two recent tracks by Sir. Hamilton:

C Food - Charles Hamilton

The N Word - Charles Hamilton

Do remember to check out Charles Hamilton on his blog and at (can't link the myspace page for some reason)

Before I even stop on this post, SHOUTS TO CHARLES HAMILTON for recognizing the superdopaliciousness that is'all can click HERE for the official page!

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