Thursday, April 10, 2008

This was the best thing to watch last night, and if you missed it.............................BOOOOOOO


I seriously don't like watching MTv or any of the mainstream shows out there, but when something catches my eye, Its like kryptonite baby! Last night, I enjoyed the whole hour and a half of MTv's special on Diddy "If I were King" which is a detailed mini doc on Diddy's preperation for fashion week in NY (step ya game up if you don't know about fashion week). In 8 weeks, the man created a whole collection! I don't think y'all understand....IN 8 WEEKS, THE MAN CREATED A WHOLE COLLECTION!!! Do you know how sick that is? It takes many designers seasons, and others years just to get prepped for fashion week, but this is Diddy we're talking about folks.....I may not enjoy his rapping, but his business savvy and fashion sense tops fusion tops all rappers (key word is fusion folks)......enjoy the link!

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Chrissy said...

I must agree with you bro...when it comes to the fashion world he is the man...