Friday, February 1, 2008

KnickerPicker................Try This On For Size!

"No matter how tastefully erotic the lingerie, men typically only focus on its impending absence -- making it impossible to see it on a rack, then visualize what it'll look like on a rack. Give negligee a trial run, with Knicker Picker"........"KP's an "online dressing room" that allows you to dress actual models in an array of bras and panties, thereby gleaning how the garment'll look on your significant someone without spoiling the surprise" (This is the international excuse to use if you ever get caught peeping this site btw).There are some of you who do not like shopping with your significant other who'll enjoy this.........It's sad, but this is an entertaining site......Enjoy.

I don't have a very good link, but check out the website at

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