Monday, December 3, 2007

R.I.P. Don Marbury...............Hold Your Head Steph!

Damn, this it is always tough to bear the lost of a loved one. As many "true" basketball heads know, the Marbury family is a very close knit collective. The whole family is involved in community development and empowerment in Brooklyn. As a die hard Knicks fan, I am especially crushed because Steph has had a less than stellar couple of months, and I've played the fan role by getting angry before researching. Hopefully we can all relax while this man grieves, because he has lost so much this year, and we need to stand by him instead of constantly bringing more weight on his shoulders.

This is the email I just recieved, please read!
"No jokes in this Stephon Marbury story. Earlier this evening, Marbury's father Don passed away after leaving the Suns/Knicks game with chest pains. According to,team spokesman Jonathan Supranowitz made it clear that Don was no longer on the premises at the time of his death.

Marbury scored 19 points, but the Knicks lost 115-109. He did not speak to reporters in the locker room, except for a loud "Jesus, that's how!"

Marbury's had his share of problems as a basketball player this season, but he's had some other, more serious things to deal with:

Marbury has endured a tough first month of the season. His aunt, on his mother's side of the family, died Nov. 19. Marbury said at the time he also had another recent death in his family.
And now this. Hopefully, we can all lay off Marbury as he grieves. And if he's a little disoriented or erratic, at least this time we'll know the reason why."

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